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Do you want to find a supplier in China because of the low cost there?
Do you want to find a capable and reliable supplier who would satisfy your specific demand?
Do you want to find a supplier who is not just business relationship but partner and friends?
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Who We Are

●  A Professional Manufacturer established in 2004
●  We Specialized in Power Bank, Multi port Usb Charger,Battery Case
●  We provide OEM & ODM services


Why Choose us

Rich experience
With 10 years experience in OEM&ODM,We are absolutely confident that our company  have the ability to implement your product concept into product quikly. Our engineer love to provide assistance in product design if necessary,  Cost control always started from design.

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Quality control
Quality is our priority concern. All of our products have ce/rohs/fcc certifications. We strictly carry out ISO9001: 2008 internal quality management system standards insure our high quality products and services.

>>IOS9001 Certification

Competitive price
We are the manufacturer, so we can offer a competitive price .Our cost is greatly controlled through raw material large-scale procurement. As requested, we’ll provide the best solution and price, and ensure that this price is highly competitive.

With 300 skilled employees,We can give output of 300,000 pcs power banks and 100,000 pcs usb chargers, 80,000 pcs battery Cases, 40,000 pcs VR Glasses every month.

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