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Great Tips to Boost Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life
In order to help you add a longer-lasting battery life, today we make this tutorial to show great tips to boost Samsung Galaxy s6 battery life.
PowSmart Released Best Apple Watch Charging Stand Dock
After spending some serious money ($350 or more) to be one of the first owners to get an Apple Watch, it’s really necessary that you should give your new smart watch a cool stand dock.
Best Way to Extend the Battery Life for Your iPhone 6 Plus
PowSmart iPhone 6 Plus battery case more than prolong the battery life while protects phone from damages.
Top 3 Best Power Bank Chargers for Your Smartphone
Here are top 3 best external power bank chargers in 2015 that PowSamrt recommends to solve your phone’s frequent power problems permanently.
PowSmart USB 3.1 Type C Cable Review:Faster Charging, Quicker Data
Now the new USB Type-C connector has been in mass production in PowSmart. The Type-C plug is compatible with the USB 3.1 standard meaning super fast data transfer rates.
How to Choose the Best Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6
The best wireless charger power your devices in a perfect way.
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