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Best Portable High Capacity Power Bank for Your Mobile Phone
If you’re a power user, on the go or travel a lot, this power bank is a great investment for the price and capacity you get out of it.
PowSmart Released the Best 5-Port AC Wall Charger
This new charger gives you a smarter and faster way to charge multiple devices at once. The portable USB charger features five USB ports that deliver a combined 5 amps of power.
PowSmart Will be at CES in 2016 with the Latest Power Bank and Multi-port USB Charger
PowSmart will attend CES with our latest and exclusive power bank and multi ports USB charger at North Hall 4235 on Jan. 6-9, 2015.
How to Tell Copy iPhone Lightning Cable and Charger and Prevent Loss
In this article, as a professional mobile phone accessories manufacturer, PowSmart shows you how the tricky sellers deceive customers with fake parts and how to distinguish copy iPhone lightning cable..
Power Bank Buying Guide
This articlesl introduces the reader informally to the basic concepts and features of power banks.
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