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USB Type-C Description: What It Is and Why You Will Need it
USB Type-C Description: What It Is and Why You’ll Need it
How to Choose the Best Lightning Cable for Your iPhone or iPad
Most Lightning cable look the same, their quality can dramatically. This article gives advice on how to choose the best lightning cable for your iPhone or iPad.
OnePlus 2 Will Come with the USB Type-C Port
OnePlus, ahead of the launch of the OnePlus 2, has since last week been revealing details about its next flagship in little bits. The company on Monday revealed that the next flagship will feature USB..
PowSmart iPhone 6 Battery Case User Manual
This artical is a user guide for those who use a battery case for their iPhone 6. Aim to help users safe use on battery case.
Meet USB Type-C, The All-In-One Cable Of The Future
We've seen both Apple and Google launch laptops with a new brand of port attached: USB Type-C (or USB-C for short). In the case of the MacBook, in fact, it's the only port on offer.
PowerSmart Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Case Review: Supports Storage Expansion and More Powerful
The most creative point of this case is that you can add a TF card to extend the storage capacity.
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