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New Arrival 3000mAh Battery Case for iPhone 6S with Dock (for Apple Watch)

Hits:  UpdateTime:2015-09-11 16:41:49

The iPhone 6S battery case from PowSmart has built-in small integrated lightning cable which contains an authorization chip issued by Apple. It communicates with iPhone 6S to ensure 100% Compatibility. Best feature of this power case is that you don't need to add huge bulk for adding extra battery capacity. It keeps your device slim yet offer protection and power. The Wireless charger which is specially designed for PowSmart iPhone 6S battery case. Also comes with optional Apple Watch stand so that you can stand and charge your Apple Watch along with iPhone 6S.

Even being a thinnest case in the market, PowSmart iPhone 6S rechargeable battery case still packs a 3000mAh punch. It can almost add 125%+ capacity for iPhone 6S. PowSmart has integrated metal pins which enable frictionless charging on contact with the dock. It’s easy to undock it with one hand. Just grab and go.

4 Advantages of PowSmart’s iPhone 6S Battery Case:


Firstly, PowSmart iPhone 6S Battery Case contains Apple MFi certified lightning connector which communicates with iPhone 6S to ensure 100% compatibility and no warning messages.

Secondly, PowSmart integrated metal pins enable frictionless charging on contact with the dock. It’s easy to undock PowSmart with one hand, just grab and go.

Thirdly, PowSmart Power case for iPhone 6S can effectively provide 125% extra capacity for your iPhone 6S, which is equivalent to add another 17 hours talk time or 12 hours web browsing time.

Fourthly, PowSmart extended battery charger case for iPhone 6S features ultra thin, lightweight and compact design by adding only a little bulk to your device. And it enables pass through charge and sync (using inexpensive micro USB cable) which connected to a computer. Your phone recharges firstly, and then PowSmart battery case.


Other Details for PowSmart's  iPhone 6S Battery Case:



Battery Type: Li-polymer battery

Battery Capacity: 3.7V/3000mAh

Output: DC 5V/1A

Input: DC 5V/1A

Dimension: 152.5*69.9*13.9mm

Material: TPU+PC+ABS

Weight: Approx.90g



1 x PB3000-i6 battery case / power case

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

PET or color/white box, welcome your OEM package.