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Best Portable High Capacity Power Bank for Your Mobile Phone

Hits:  UpdateTime:2016-01-09 15:59:41

It’s harder than you think to find a high-capacity power bank that can keep you going long after your phone’s battery fails on you. We’ve covered a variety of power banks and charging solutions over the years in pursuit of finding the best power bank available in the market.


This time we’re tackling the relatively new and popular PowSmart 10000mAh Ultra-Slim Power Bank ((Model: ML-PB10000)). Let’s look at how this unique Power Bank lives up to its reputation of being a beast when it comes to portable charging. Continue on for our review of this high-capacity power bank.


From the start, this power bank boasts being able to charge an iPhone 6/6S up to five times in one charge. It supports your typical slew of devices, such as phones, MP4 and basically anything with USB support.


This is a big power bank, not just in capacity but in size and weight:


    Size: 135*73*20.8mm

    Weight: Approx.120g


If you’re a power user, on the go or travel a lot, this power bank is a great investment for the price and capacity you get out of it.


One of the unique features of the 10000mAh power bank is its display. On most power banks, you press a button to see how much charge is left. On this power bank, you simply touch the display next to the charging ports. It’ll light up and tell you how much charge capacity is left. While charging devices, it stays lit up to let you know how it’s being used and turns off once a device is unplugged.


This PowSmart power bank is charged via micro USB either by wall charger or by another device on the go, although I recommend only charging via wall charger whenever possible. It took close to 12 hours to charge the power bank from zero percent to 100 percent, which isn’t too bad when you consider how much battery life it holds.


I tested my Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S with the PowSmart power bank and was incredibly impressed by how quickly and efficiently it charged both devices.

It features dual retractable USB charging ports. I found the charging quality on both to be on par with the output you should be getting when charging devices. You can charge two devices at the same time and in my experience it doesn’t seem to slow down charging on either device while doing so.


I was able to charge my Galaxy S6 in its normal amount of time from five percent to 100 percent with its 2.0 USB charging/data cable. It was only slightly slower with a generic USB charging cable. My iPhone6S charged as normal, too, with a generic cable and in the 2.1A charging port.


This power bank utilizes a smart charging feature to avoid overcharging your devices. When they’re done charging, the power bank recognized this and turns off, so it not only saves your devices from the drawbacks of overcharging, but it also preserves the charge capacity of the power bank as well.