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How To choose A Proper Power Bank

Hits:  UpdateTime:2016-05-05 11:01:26

Power bank mainly consists of lithium battery, control panel and PCB circuit board which determines the quality of power bank. If a power bank has a well-designed PCB circuit board and outstanding cell and strong control panel, then it can be said to be qualified.                                 

Absolutely, customers cannot know the condition of the inner construction but we can still choose a proper power bank for mobile phones. Then let me tell you some parameters.

First, the cell, which mainly includes lithium polymer battery and 18650 lithium battery. Lithium polymer battery is a pasty battery and can be made into any kinds of shapes. The package of lithium polymer battery is beautiful, fashionable and safe, but high rate of burning and blown package. 18650 lithium battery is liquid. 18 and 65 are size of the cell and 0 means it is columned and its largest capacity can be 3000mah which can be easily exploded.

Second, the control panel. It is for the automatical regulation of over-charge, over-discharge when is is being charged and turn off automatically when it is full charged.

Third, the appearance, which is somehow the first consideration of someone and can give us fun.